What type of security guards do you provide?

PERKASAFORCE SDN BHD is a wholly-owned company that provides professional security solutions and all-Malaysian guards to residential areas and gated communities, corporations, schools, factories and warehouses and more. 
What makes PERKASAFORCE guards different?

All our uniformed guards are from the army, police or civil service. They go through intensive training and drills before they qualify for a KKPPM license and are certified to serve. On top of martial arts, they are also trained in soft skills and are fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English, courteous, polite, friendly and intelligent.
Are your guards armed?

No, our guards are unarmed. The only tool they carry with them is the baton; for patrolling purposes. However, they all have uniforms to reflect professionalism, are well dressed, neat and presentable.
Can PERKASAFORCE guards replace the police?

Our guards work hand-in-hand with the police, as an extra eye and ear to help them fight crime. They are the first line of defense, to minimise thefts, robberies, etc. All cases are handed over to the police.
What are the advantages of employing PERKASAFORCE guards compared to in-house security?

You save costs when you outsource to us. As we manage human resources, you also save time and have total peace of mind as you leave the management of Human Resources to us.
Are your guards insured?

Yes, they are. Insurance includes Group Personal Accident, public liability and professional indemnity, just to name a few.